Annika - MSc Nutrition & Health – Entrepreneur Feed our Future– June 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Annika, master student Healthy & Sustainable Food Systems at Wageningen University. Recently I have started my own company, Feed our Future. Feed our Future is a small consultancy firm that aims to stimulate companies and their employees to become more engaged with sustainable food and (mental) health. Since my parents were entrepreneurs too, I have always been drawn to becoming an entrepreneur myself one day. I often doubted what the best time would be to start my own company, but due to the support from Starthub I became convinced that setting up a company while being a student has many advantages. Therefore, I decided not to wait any longer! If others ask me how I manage it all, I have one clear-cut answer: structure your life, live up to your ambitions and seek the right support. At Wageningen University there are great career support services for students and I can highly recommend to make use of them!

If you would like to come in touch, don’t hesitate to contact me!

LinkedIn: Feed our Future


Instagram: Feed_ourfuture