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Aquaculture & Marine Resource Management master studies

Beautiful coloured coral reefs, exotic fish, a turtle passing while you are doing your research or a meeting with an international commercial enterprise about the governance of sustainable marine ecosystems.

These things could be your daily job if you are working in the field of aquaculture and marine resource management. Whether you are a consultant, project leader or a researcher, not one day is the same.

Become a specialist

Are you interested in a career in aquaculture, marine ecology, the governance of marine systems or aquatic organisms? The master Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management will prepare you for a job in this working field.

Alumni are working in various jobs. Eline van Onselen, for example, is a marine ecologist. Her every day job consists of environmental impact assessments and other nature-related assessments.

I love doing some fieldwork; water plant monitoring in Lake IJssel, underwater noise measurements, fish monitoring for energy plants. You can wake me up for such jobs every day!
Eline van Onselen

Bastiaan Vermonden has a totally different job. He is policy advisor for environment where his main activities are assisting a project which investigates to what extent different member states of the European union have executed.

Thanks to my study Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, I can guide my colleagues without a background in marine biology.
Bastiaan Vermonden

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Student experiences

Several students tell about how they experienced the master programme. Read about an exciting internship at Bonaire, studying in Brazil and wreck fishing on the North Sea.

Huge coral reefs, plenty of fish, a turtle passing by every now and then… it’s the kind of environment that I have always dreamed of working in.
Eva Mudde

If you have any questions about the study programme a student coach can give you a clear view of Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management.

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