Thesis subject

Aspirations and livelihood decision making of tree crop farmers in the Eastern Region in Ghana

The aim of the study is to understand the role of household members’ aspirations and other internal (e.g. family life cycle) and external/structural factors (e.g. climatic events, land use change, market developments) in the household’s farm system and livelihood portfolio.

This research will contribute to a PhD research that aims to further unpack and understand farmers aspirations for their farm and livelihoods in order to better tailor agricultural and value chain interventions to farmers wants and need for the future. The research is being executed in the context of a multi-stakeholder planning process managed by the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

Practical information

Starting date: Jan/Feb 2022
Preferred language: English and preferably Twi
Location/country: Ghana
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Cees Leeuwis (KTI), Dr. Maja Slingerland (PPS), Selma van der Haar (CIFOR, KTI and PPS; PhD Candidate and contact person)

This study could be taken up by student who have knowledge of and experience with qualitative or ethnographic research. The student is available from Jan-Feb 2022 with fieldwork in April-May to coincide with PhD's fieldwork schedule. The student is willing to stay in a remote area for ~2 months.

About the project

The student is asked to perform in-depth life history interviews in two villages in rural Ghana in parallel with the PhD candidate. Together they will develop a sampling protocol and interview guide including a timeline of relevant structural factors for each village. Furthermore, the student is asked to develop a methodology to include the perspectives of women and youth.