The Automators

A team consisting of staff and students from Delphy, Wageningen University, 30 MHz; a large part of the team also participated in the previous challenge.

During last year’s autonomous greenhouse challenge, Delphy was part of the team The Croperators. One of the most important takeaways was that growing high quality and profitable crops autonomously is already possible. The jury stated that we developed a model that is directly applicable in practice. This gave us even more motivation to further develop this.

This year we're back as the Automators, combining crop-level knowledge with cloud platform engineering. Delphy, which has more than 200 consultants supporting growers and managing crops across the world, teamed up with 30MHz. Its platform ZENSIE ingests and analyses data interactively and enables users to continuously improve the production process of vegetables, plants, seeds, and bulbs.

By using data from the greenhouse and the crop, growers will be able to manage larger-scale cultivation. Artificial Intelligence will help the grower in taking strategic and operational decisions. The role of growers will change, mostly it will be monitoring the autonomous actions of the system and only in the most exceptional cases, they will have to interfere.

The worldwide challenges, which were the motivators last year, still exist. The world population is increasing rapidly. Besides that, we recognize the increasing lack of growth expertise in all parts of the world. We still believe that the solution to these challenges is a new way of managing greenhouse cultivations.