Biosphere - Masterclasses

This page contains more information regarding the masterclasses for theme 1 of the Circular@WUR Conference. Click on the masterclass below for more details.


1m1: The butterfly model, an integrated conceptual framework for the circular and climate neutral society

dr. HL (Harriette) Bos WUR/WFBR

In this masterclass the participants learn how to set up interdisciplinary projects that contribute to a circular climate neutral society. This interactive masterclass pays attention to: i) the different perspectives to look at the transition to a circular climate neutral society; ii) the ways to bring these perspectives together. The masterclass offers a tool to do so by applying the butterfly model, an integrated conceptual framework. Depending on the questions and wishes of the participants, we will work on the application of this model as tool for e.g.: setting up a interdisciplinary project, developing a product, assessing Circular and/or Climate neutral initiatives, assessing a policy.