Combating cow’s milk allergy

The Cell Biology & Immunology group (CBI) plays a prominent role in a major collaborative project in which scientists, doctors and a producer of dairy products have jointly developed a product that allows children to grow faster over a cow’s milk allergy.

Powder with cow's milk proteins

It is a powder with cow’s milk proteins that have been heated in a protocol-like manner so that they do not cause a noticeable allergic reaction. These heated proteins can allow the immune system to become accustomed to cow’s milk protein unnoticed, as a result of which the child will tolerate cow’s milk earlier.

For patients and companies

In this project the Cell Biology & Immunology group unravels the mechanism of action how modification of so called CM proteins through processing affects immunogenicity and allergenicity. The results of this research are of great interest for patients, food companies and companies that produce therapeutic or diagnostics products.