CPT Magazine 2020: Connecting Worlds

The new online magazine of Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT) is out now. In this magazine you will find an overview of our courses, minors, research and staff.

We are often faced with widely diverging views, interests and values among people involved in today's societal challenges. Policy-makers, citizens, private sector parties, scientists and pressure groups rarely agree on how societal challenges such as climate change, inequity, migration and environmental degradation need to be defined and addressed.

In fact, we often witness intense polarisation around the views that are expressed by stakeholders and increasingly also about scientific expertise. Yet, we know that -eventually- progress can only be made if interdependent communities of actors connect and overcome their differences.

In our education and research we aim to enhance understanding about how and why people may become disconnected, and also on the processes that may foster bridging between people that live in different ‘worlds’. These questions become even more relevant in the context of Covid-19. Routinized ways of connecting are disrupted, and while the crisis may offer new opportunities to realize meaningful transformation, this can only be realized by forging new coalitions for change.

Communication, Philosophy and Technology

The section Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT) consists of three chair groups: Strategic communication (COM), Philosophy (PHI) and Knowledge Technology and Innovation (KTI). The three groups complement each other in their contribution to bridge divides: we develop new forms of dialogue and persuasive communication, analyse and clarify key values and arguments, and we contribute to strategies for inclusive development and responsible innovation. In our courses students learn about analytical and practical approaches through real-life cases and experiences. This helps them to become professionals that can link theory and practice, connect different worlds and contribute to change.

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