Thesis subject

Designing a learning infrastructure for complex socio-environmental transitions; a role for mapping sites and narratives of place-based knowledge co-production?

Todays’ socio-environmental problems (think nitrogen, climate adaptation, urban green gentrification…) are increasingly being addressed through so-called place-based approaches (gebiedsgericht werken).

Background information

The simultaneous contestation and co-production of different types of knowledge in these areas offer a challenge and an enormous opportunity. Provinces and urban centres are increasingly important in facilitating productive participatory processes to tackle these socio-environmental issues. Your research work will take place in this context.

Practical information

Starting date: To be decided
Preferred language: UK/NL
Location/country: Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
Supervisor(s)/contact person: Marleen Buizer

Research question

Objective: How can narratives of place-based approaches and knowledge co-production play a role in creating a cross-case learning infrastructure for place-based learning?

Type of research activities

Qualitative research methods as part of an interpretive methodology: interviews, walk along interviews, participatory observation, story-telling.

What kind of student are we looking for?

Students with a critical interest into learning and the mapping of narratives, who see a value in narrative inquiry (some knowledge of discourse approaches is welcome)