HappyFiber studie: Bowel function issues, Fiber, Gut bacteria

A healthy bowel function is essential for human wellbeing, but a lot of people suffer from hard bowel movements and cannot go to the toilet frequently. The type of bacteria in your gut possibly plays a role herein. We want to sort out which gut bacteria you have and how we can change them with the intake of different amounts of a dried, fibre-rich vegetable.

Wageningen University is looking for subjects for a medical study. In this study we want to understand whether the daily use of a dried, fibre-rich vegetable can change gut bacteria and bowel function in healthy subjects, which suffer from hard and infrequent bowel movements.

This study takes place between August ’22 and July ‘23 via Wageningen University. The study is six weeks long. You will collect a stool sample five times and monitor you bowel function daily. Moreover, you consume one of the dried study products. If you wish, you can perform all study measurements from your home.

What is in it for you?

  • A compensation of € 120
  • Information about your gut bacteria
  • You help to gain more insights into the impact gut bacteria on human health


Are you interested in participating in the study and do you want to know more? Then read the subject information flyer for an extensive description of the study and register via the registration form for the (online) information session.

Any questions? You can reach us via or 06-18417162.