Impact story

Healthy aquaculture

Fish production via aquaculture is increasing strongly worldwide. In 2015, this was approximately 70 million tonnes comparable to the yield from the fishery, but already higher than the beef production. The expectation is that the fish farming production will come close to that of chicken (90 million tons) and pig (100 million tons) within the foreseeable future.

One of the threats to intensive aquaculture is the occurrence of contagious fish, crustaceans and shellfish diseases, which can cause serious illness and death and thereby economic losses.

Specialized laboratory

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research has a specialized fish and shellfish diseases laboratory where accredited and fast diagnostics are performed to identify new outbreaks at an early stage.

This is the one complete diseases laboratory in the Netherlands for cultured fish for human consumption, ornamental and wild fish and shellfish. Wageningen Bioveterinary Research thus makes an important contribution to healthy fish in healthy aquaculture and thus to safe and healthy fish products for human consumption.