House activities in quarantine

This week's blogger Tamar (student Nutrition & Health) shares what fun activities she does with her housemates during the Corona days.

Hi! My name is Tamar. I love hanging out with friends and doing fun activities. These COVID-19 days have not stopped me from doing that, only I had to find an alternative way. I am lucky to live (and to be quarantined) with 4 other students, so I always have a small partysquad. To get through period 5 without feeling socially isolated, we set up a scheme on a whiteboard. If someone thought a fun activity, we wrote down the plan and you could subscribe by writing your name under the activity.

Some examples of the things we organised:

> Tour de chambres

Every housemate had a different theme in his/her room and had to serve a drink and snack matching their theme. E.g. we had a jungle room, Ibiza and a roof top bar.

> Prom night

Dress up fancy, serve a 3 course meal and have a prom photoshoot.

> Badminton tournament

> Set up a scavenger hunt (mine was pirate themed)

> Make a pubquiz for your housemates about the house

> The house bingo board

We wrote down some of our habits and changed them into a challenge (for example, do not talk about your exchange semester for a full day). We wrote the challenges on a bingo board. The person who crosses off the last one in the row has bingo. Make sure to have a reward for the winner ;).

> Theme nights

  • Mexican night: Get out the burritos and sombreros and have fun while dancing on some latin music!
    • Italian night: cook your finest pasta.
  • Dutch cuisine: prepare different types of stamppots in a potluck manner (= less effort for everyone).
    • Barbecue night: grill and chill! ;)

        vuur.jpg bingo.jpg
        huziquiz.jpg italiaansdiner.jpg

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