Use case

Increasing diversity as underpinning mechanism

Case study I examines the functioning, potentials and limitations of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) by increasing (bio)diversity. These solutions aim to increase crop diversity and to develop a more diverse diet for livestock to increase climate resilience of the food system.

Research activities will be implemented in the Netherlands and India. Climatic risks threatening food security as well as biodiversity and socio-economic conditions within the food systems, include drought and pest & diseases.

Sub cases

Spatial crop diversity (field scale) in the Netherlands

  • NBS driven by: crop diversity principle

  • Circularity-Climate risks: Knowledge on crop diversity and role in carbon sequestration and resource use efficiency to address drought

case study I_Spatial crop diversity_small.jpg

Natural pest control in the Netherlands

  • NBS driven by: pest control principle
  • Circularity-Climate risks: Pest and diseases likely to occur more frequently due to CC.
case study I Natural pest control_small & enlarged.jpg

Naturally Healthy in the Netherlands and India

  • NBS driven by: use of herbs /more diverse diet
  • Circularity-Climate risks: Use of herbal remedies to obtain milk / manure free from residues of veterinary medicines
  • Reduction of methane emission and increasing drought resistance.
case study image for herb dairy.jpg