Information for Teaching Staff

Student Support

Educating students in academic writing is a time-consuming task. Fortunately, you can refer them to the Wageningen Writing Lab for additional writing assistance at no cost. We assist students through personalized one-on-one conversations, following a unique approach founded on two core principles:

  • Each student is guided by a peer coach: a fellow student who has completed our training to become a writing coach. This creates a welcoming and equitable atmosphere throughout the sessions.

  • Our writing coaches adopt a non-directive approach: by asking (Socratic) questions, they empower students to evaluate and enhance their own text and writing process. In doing so, they not only enhance the quality of the text (short-term gain) but also enhance the student's writing skills (long-term gain).

Expertise exchange

We always enjoy engaging with teachers, study advisors, and other student counselors. This way, we stay informed about the developments within the study programs regarding academic writing. We also like to brainstorm about challenges you may encounter as a teacher in designing academic writing education, such as effectively organizing the Thesis Ring. So, feel free to get in touch with us!


The more students discover the Writing Lab, the better. Therefore, you can always can consider the following suggestions:

  • You can share this text about the Wageningen Writing Lab on Brightspace.

  • You can invite us to deliver a 5-minute pitch during a lecture, providing an overview of the Writing Lab's services for students. Invite us by sending an email to

  • We would be delighted to participate in a teachers or staff meeting to present and explain the approach of the Wageningen Writing Lab and answer questions. Invite us by sending an email to