Introduction to WAPS (WIAS Associated PhD Students) Council 

WIAS magazine - Winter edition 2021
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The aim of the WAPS (WIAS Associated PhD Students) Council is to act in the interest of all WIAS PhD Candidates by active participation in the WIAS Education Committee, Wageningen PhD Council and the WIAS Board. The WAPS council strives for a good education programme, contributes to future research plans, and facilitates contacts between WIAS PhD Candidates. We monitor and act upon internal and external developments that might affect WIAS PhD Candidates. If you are interested to join us or if you have questions, you can contact the WAPS council via:

Meet all members

Lorraine Nokuthula.png

My name is Nokuthula (Lorraine) a second-year Ph.D. under Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group. My Ph.D. project is about diseases and movement analysis focusing on lameness and mastitis in dairy cows. The goal is to use the movement patterns of dairy cows as an early indicator of lameness and mastitis using various sensor technologies and machine learning algorithms. WAPS member: WPC (Wageningen Ph.D. Council) 

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Hello everyone! My name is Dagmar Braamhaar and I have a background in Animal Sciences. After finishing my masters last year I started with a PhD project at the Animal Production Systems group. During my PhD I will investigate the role of livestock in circular food systems in Kenya. Via interviews with stakeholders of the food supply chain I will identify the nutrient flows and the use of waste- and by-products in the food system of Nakuru County. The collected data will be used to design future circular food systems which minimises land use, while lowering environmental impacts and meeting the dietary requirements of a growing population in Nakuru county. Additionally, I hope to set up a feeding trail with a novel protein source for dairy cow rations, to substitute the more traditional ingredients (e.g. soya, rapeseed) which are often imported from neighbouring countries. I joined the WAPS last year and will be the WAPS secretary for the coming year. If you have any questions concerning the WAPS or are interested in joining one of the committees feel free to contact me! I’m looking forward to meet you at one of the WAPS activities! 

Corentin lannuzel.png

My name is Corentin Lannuzel from Bretagne, France.  2nd year PhD candidate at Animal Nutrition: Study the potential of lignin as intrinsic tracer for gastrointestinal transit behaviour and feed digestion ACCIE member together with Tom: organising event for WIAS PhD (Challenging under a pandemic)  

Hobbies: cooking, trying wine, biking, running, music  

hannah de Waele.jpg

My name is Hannah De Waele. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by how nature works, with a particular interest in how animals think. I love exploring what animals are capable of and discovering how intelligent they are. For that reason, in January 2021, I joined the Behavioral Ecology group at Wageningen University as a PhD student. During my PhD, I will be investigating the effect of predation on the cognitive landscape in Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata). In simple terms, I will be studying how predation shapes the intellect of prey species.  

Next to my PhD project, I recently joined the WAPS as a general member. The WAPS gives me the opportunity to meet awesome PhD students from all different departments. Also, it allows me to represent my group in all things that affect us PhD students. 

Beside work related things, I would consider myself an amateur guitar player, an average tennis player, and an excellent dog trainer. Feel free to stop me in the hall to discuss any of these or simply to chat!  

Peter Horstmann.jpg

My name is Peter Horstmann and I am originally from Germany. Less than a year ago I started my PhD at the Aquaculture and Fisheries group (AFI). My PhD is funded by a commercial fish farm located in Zeeland and aims to investigate ‘Factors influencing faeces quality and quantity of Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)’. The goal of the project is to improve animal health and system performance, whilst reducing the environmental eutrophication. I recently joined the WAPS as part of the education committee.’ 

Yuanxu Xue.jpg

My name is Yuanxu Xue, call me Yuuko (the roepnaam, as the Dutch would say)  

Project: Automatic phenotyping of fish using big data and deep learning methods for genetic improvement in breeding program 

WAPs member - Educational Committee & WIAS Annual Conference 

Currently live in Utrecht. Spare time activities , Cello (very amateur) ,Origami, Cooking (Just start a food blog) 


My name is Wouter Lokhorst and I have a background in molecular biology and bioinformatics. For the past 11 years I have studied and worked at various universities and research institutes, with the last two years being part of my PhD trajectory. This PhD position is at the Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology group and the Wageningen BioVeterinary Research institute, where I investigate which bacteria, fungi and viruses occur on goat farms, as part of the VGO-III (“Livestock farming and the health of local residents”) study. Through metagenomics sequencing I get a complete overview of the content of the many samples I have taken from various matrices. Afterwards, I check which ones are potentially harmful to humans and whether they are present due to a certain farm management practice. Part of this is finding out which of these potential pathogens are also found in humans with community-acquired pneumonia. I have been a general member of WAPS for the past year and will be the WAPS chair until May 2022. 


My name is Anouk van Breukelen and I am a second-year PhD candidate at the Animal Breeding and Genomics group. In my PhD project we investigate if animal breeding can be used to reduce enteric methane emissions of dairy cows. For the WAPS, I am part of the Wageningen PhD Council (WPC). The WPC is composed of members of each of the graduate schools of Wageningen University. The main task of the WPC is to provide a discussion platform in which the six PhD Councils of the graduate schools can work together on issues that are relevant for all PhD candidates at Wageningen University. 


Julia T. Celis Moreno 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, MSc. Animal Sciences.​ 

​WAPS member – Education Committee. ​ 

​Third year of PhD candidate, working on the development of immunotherapies for equine insect bite hypersensitivity.​ 

​About me: Horse lover and veterinary immunology passionate. ​ 
Love cooking Peruvian style and dancing Latin music. 


My name is Kaylee van Dijk and I have a background in Animal science and Biology. As a PhD candidate of Aquaculture & Fisheries, I study molecules and cells directing inflammation with zebrafish as my model. I joined the WAPS council as a general member to strengthen the collaboration between this council and WIAS magazine. Outside of work, I enjoy training my dog, playing lacrosse, and learning calligraphy.