Kassa Groen TV: Jan Andries van Franeker about plastic in Northern Fulmars

Researcher Jan Andries van Franeker of IMARES and Brecht van Hulten of the Dutch TV programme Kassa Groen talked about the impact of plastics in the sea and on beaches. Jan Andries van Franeker showed that the stomachs of Northern Fulmars contain plastics. These birds eat the plastics and then die of starvation.

The Broadcast (in Dutch):

The film crew on the beach of Texel (© Suze Kühn)
The film crew on the beach of Texel (© Suze Kühn)

In three special broadcasts of Kassa Groen on Dutch TV, Brecht van Hulten finds out what happens to all the plastic we use and throw away. What is the impact on out health of careless use of plastic? What happens to the plastic in the 'Plastic Heroes' bags? Is a life without making trash possible?

10, 11 and 12 June, Kassa Groen - 19:25 uur - Ned. 2; Documentary 'Bag It!': 13 June - 18.50 uur - Ned.2.

Source: kassa.vara.nl/tv/kassa-groen

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