Lacrosse: Are you going to catch butterflies? Is that a fish net?  

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One of the best choices I made when coming to Wageningen was to join the Wageningen Warriors. I love the sport but most of all the people. I have met many of my friends through lacrosse.
I agree that the lacrosse community is amazing and I love that the sport offers opportunities to play against teams from other countries and to visit new places.

Are you going to catch butterflies? Is that a fish net? Is that the sport you play on a horse? These are questions we often get when traveling for gamedays. But no, this net we have is a lacrosse stick. Lacrosse is a fast, active and engaging sport that is relatively unknown in the Netherlands. It is played in teams of 10 and everyone has a stick (crosse) with a net at the end. To win you have to play together with your team and score more goals than your opponent. Lacrosse is often compared to hockey, but the difference is that in hockey the ball rolls over the ground, where as in lacrosse it moves through the air. Rules and gear are different for men and women (figure 1). Women’s lacrosse is mainly focused on skill whereas men’s lacrosse includes physical contact.


Figure 1. Rules and gear are different for men and women.

You can play this amazing sport right here in Wageningen! The Wageningen Warriors is the lacrosse association located at the Bongerd. Currently we have three women’s teams and one men’s team. Because the sport is quite unknown almost all people that join have never played before. This also means you can improve fast as a player and as a team. Each team trains twice a week and team activities are organized to also socialize outside the field. Teams often create their own “theme” to increase the team spirit with fitting merchandize. If you become a member of the Wageningen Warriors you can not only play lacrosse but also participate in many activities, after training drinks at the Bongerd, and the legendary annual: “Warrior weekend”.  

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If you want to see what lacrosse is all about and join a session, please fill in the “Join us” form on the website:

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