Limagrain (Premium Partner)

Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by farmers, and an international seed group. As a pure seed leader, not involved in agrochemicals, Limagrain creates, produces and sells vegetable and field seeds. In addition to expertise in cereals, the Group also boosts chains of excellence - from seeds to bread. As our mission is to foster agriculture to better feed the world, our actions are driven by innovation - all types of innovation, whether varietal, genomic, agronomic, environmental, technological or social, in the interest of responsible progress that promotes sustainable solutions. In each of the 56 countries where it is present, Limagrain encourages all its employees to take initiatives and express themselves - for the benefit of everyone involved. This forms the basis for the guarantee quality and usefulness of our products and services.

Our Values, our culture

Limagrain is proud of its dual nature as an agricultural cooperative and international seed group, with a story that goes back over 50 years. A story of the love farmers have for their land, of the farmers of Limagne in the heart of Auvergne that founded and continue to manage Limagrain today, of farmers from all regions that Limagrain supports by creating and producing seeds and food. It could now be your turn to write a page in this story.

Joining Limagrain means taking on widescale challenges: 
creating tomorrow’s seeds to ensure they are ever more efficient and of higher-quality, supporting agricultural production models so they are more positive for the environment and society in general, and imagining food that is a source of life and pleasure.

Joining Limagrain means combining traditional know-how and innovation
Each year, almost 300 new varieties of cereals and vegetables are created, 20 million euros are dedicated to preserving biodiversity and 16,7% of our turnover is invested in research.

Joining Limagrain means giving meaning to your work. 
Having a genuine impact on the future of our food and playing a role in making worldwide agriculture as a whole more sustainable. From seed improvement to the design of flour, to the creation of healthier bread and cakes: our work is not only useful, it is essential.

Joining Limagrain means belonging to a responsible community of over 9 000 enthusiasts spread over 56 countries, who work hand-in-hand, with their feet on the ground, in a family spirit. Growing your talent, exploring ideas from all sources, opening up to cultures from all countries and taking action for the long term.

Joining Limagrain means taking part in a unique human adventure
It means joining men and women who do their work with pride and share a common passion for the Earth; men and women who are proud of their personal contribution to the collective project, who respect and welcome differences of all kinds as sources of wealth for everyone.

From the seed onwards, joining Limagrain means taking practical action today for the agriculture and food of tomorrow.


We recruit men and women who are attracted by our culture and values of progress, perseverance and cooperation, which have always guided us in all our strategic choices and actions. Contact details for applications and questions from students:

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