Lybrae (Premium Partner)

Lybrae and Omgevingsdienst Nederland together form Lybrae Netherlands. Specialist and market leader in a unique combination of project secondment, consultancy and education within the physical envinronment and legal domain. We have been offering custom solutions to local, regional and national governments for over 19 years. We do this with more than 250 professionals within the specialisms of construction, environment policies, civil engineering, physical planning spatial development and administrative law.

Our professionals are entrepreneurial, want to get the best out of themselves and their colleagues and are committed to achieving the goals of our organization and our clients on a daily basis. Together we unburden more than 100 clients throughout the Netherlands. In this way we contribute to raising the quality and maintaining a high standard of our physical living environment.

Our values, our culture

At Lybrae we find a healthy work-life balance important. This makes you feel more vital, causing you to perform better and get more satisfaction from your work. Your ambitions and development needs on both a personal and professional level are leading for us. What is your current situation and what are your goals for the future? What is important to you in your job? We ask you these kinds of questions because we think it is important that you enjoy your work, that you feel involved and that you dare to sink your teeth into something. This way we can facilitate you in projects, training or a permanent job that suits your personality, skills, knowledge and ambitions.

From our wide network of professionals there is room for sharing knowledge and a high willingness to help each other. This way you can exchange knowledge and experiences, during and outside office hours. This does not stop at Lybrae, we apply it to all our clients. We make time for team building so that you are in regular contact with your Lybrae colleagues. You can participate in training courses, workshops and seminars and we organize network events to catch up with colleagues and enjoying a drink. Strengthen each other's development and craftsmanship; that's what it's about.

For more information about our organisation visit the company website. If you are interested in a career with Genetwister, details of current opportunities are available on the following website or on the WUR career platform.

Contact details for applications and questions from students:
Adress: Groningensingel 1, 6835 EA Arnhem