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Meet our new colleagues Luce, Thera & Meyke

Student Training & Support & Surf your Stress work for - and with - WUR students. Every year we recruit new student assistants. In this newsletter we introduce our new colleagues Luce, Meyke and Thera to you. They share their favourite tips for a nice Wageningen Summer with you.

Go on a canoe trip or work in the creative community garden

My name is Meyke – I will be a student assistant for the Surf your Stress team next study year. I am a fourth year student at the WUR. During the holidays, I alternate a lot between Wageningen and my parents’ house in Drenthe. I love to be there and I often go back since I’m still working in a restaurant nearby my parents’ house. When I have a few days off I will go back to Wageningen to see my friends and to relax. I do this by exercising, taking a nice walk or having a nice afternoon at the Rhine.

Besides Wageningen and Drenthe, I am going on vacation to Slovenia with a friend this summer.! I can’t wait to spend two weeks there. We are planning to do a lot of active and sporty activities, but to relax also. It’s still a holiday, right?

But, if you don't go on a vacation, there are many possibilities in Wageningen. Did you know, for example, that you can go on a canoe trip nearby? And if you like to work in a garden, you can go to the creative community garden on Sundays between 11:30 and 16:00 to participate in the garden!

My last tip is the ‘Clog path’ (‘Klompenpad’ in Dutch; don't worry, you can wear your fave hiking shoes) in and around Wageningen. These are walking routes that go on unpaved, historic paths through estates and farmland. The optimal way to see a lot of the area around Wageningen!

Don't forget to put on sunscreen!

Hi, I am Thera – I just started as a student assistant for Student Training & Support. I will start my Masters in September in Development and Rural Innovation. Hiking and visiting cities will be my holiday activities this summer. Also, spending time with my friends and family.

I highly recommend going for hikes around Wageningen! Such a nice way to become all relaxed again, or add some music and dive into your own world. Are you stressed about resits in summer or worrying how you will manage next year? No worries! Talk about it, ask for help, or study together with others.

Did you know Student Training and Support offers training courses – starting in period 1 - about how to conquer procrastination for instance? Visit the webpage and you may find exactly what you need.I might subscribe for a course as well! But for now, enjoy your holiday, and don't forget to use sunscreen!

Festivals & cooling off at the shores of the Rhine

Hi I’m Luce Together with fellow student assistants Bram & Jaap, I manage the Instagram account @WUR_Wellbeing.

I just finished my bachelor Soil, Water, Atmosphere here in Wageningen. What I like about Wageningen is the proximity of all sorts of vegetation types. You have the floodplains of the Rhine, the Binnenveld and the forest to enjoy! I really like to swim so the Rhine is my favorite spot. During the semester I go there often to start the day fresh or wash off the study stress.

After two years of covid restrictions festivals are finally allowed to go on again this summer and I’m going to make good use of that. This weekend I will kick off my summer holiday with the festival ‘Down the Rabbit Hole. I’ve been waiting for that for 2 whole years. Enjoy your summer!