Motivation letter guide & checklist

Within the motivation letter, you motivate why you are applying for a specific function and/or organisation. To help you write you this letter, we made an elaborate guide. Next to that, you can find a quick checklist with everything that should be included in your letter.

Motivation letter guide

    Find an elaborate guide on how to write your motivation letter below. Here, you will find which parts to include, in which order and how to elaborate on them.

    Download motivation letter guide

    Motivation letter checklist

    Find a quick checklist with everything that should be included in your motivation letter below.

    On top

    • Name organisation (and optional department)
    • Name contact person
    • (Blank space)
    • Location and date of writing the letter
    • (Blank space)
    • Subject: Application letter for (add function title or vacancy number)
    • (Blank space)
    • Dear Mr./Ms. (Last name),

    First paragraph

    • Catching first sentence
    • Which position you are applying for
    • Why you are interested in this position and/or organisation
    • Mention name organisation in this paragraph

    Second paragraph

    • Explain why you are suitable for the position / capable to do the tasks
    • Match vacancy criteria/requirements with your own skills
    • Mention examples from your experiences (by using STAR)
    • Focus on your achievements and how you would use your qualities in the job

    Third paragraph

    • Summarize why you are the best candidate for this job / why you feel like a capable candidate for this position
    • End with a call to action: state you want to motivate your letter in a personal contact and that you hope to hear from them


    • Suitable greeting (Kind regards, Best regards, etc.)
    • Name
    • Optional: telephone number and email address