Thesis subject

MSc thesis: A qualitative research of the role of populism in backlash against reduction of meat consumption

What is the relationship between populism and meat? This seems like a random question, doesn’t it? Public backlash against reduction of meat consumption is one of the biggest obstacles in the protein transition. There are signs that underlying mechanisms of this backlash are related to populism; however, this is currently not well understood. Studies have found that voters for populist parties comparatively deny climate change and oppose climate mitigation policies more often. What does this mean for interventions and policies to combat climate change via reduction in meat consumption?

This thesis will focus on people that vote for a populist party, e.g., FvD and PVV. The research will be qualitative; you may use methods of interviewing, ethnographic research, (participant) observation or focus groups. It is also possible to use focus groups to assess interactions between people with different political ideologies.

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