Thesis subject

MSc thesis: Stimulating healthy choice secondary school pupils at lunchtime

Maartje Poelman, Ellen van Kleef, Victor Immink (Wageningen University & Research Centre)

Winter/Spring 2021

Thesis assignment:

During the MSc thesis you contribute in the research on how pupils at secondary schools can be nudged towards healthier choices both in-school as well as outside school.


The contemporary diet of secondary school pupils is unhealthy and a risk factor for poor health outcomes including obesity. An increasing population of Dutch children are at risk of being overweight or obese. Moreover, there are substantial socioeconomic inequalities in the overweight and obesity rates, especially in urban environments. Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht (JOGG) is an organisation that aims for a world were children grow up in an healthy environment and healthy lifestyle. JOGG, Wageningen University and Free University are joining a collaboration project to study the implementation and effects of nudges in and around the school to create a healthy environment and lifestyle.


The research focuses on the effectiveness of nudges. Data will be obtained from food outlets to analyse the effect of the nudges and how these effect choice behaviour of healthy and unhealthy foods. Additional data about the presence of healthy assortment will also be collected by the tool of Voedingscentrum De gezonde school kantine. 


Timmermans J., Dijkstra C., Kamphuis C., Huitink M., Van der Zee E., Poelman M. ‘Obesogenic’ School Food Environments? An Urban Case Study in The Netherlands. International journal of environmental research and public health. 2018 Apr;15(4):619.