Thesis subject

MSc thesis topic: Enhancement of UAV 3D point clouds in vineyards by adding thermal information

UAVs have enabled a great revolution in agriculture due to the important reduction in costs they present, together with a rapid data acquisition. The combination of UAV data from several sensors (RGB, multispectral, thermal, etc.) provides new tools to know the state of the crop in more detail.

Data fusion is gaining importance to merge information from several sources. The combination of thermal imagery with 3D point clouds allows knowing how the temperature is distributed in-depth through the canopy. As grape clusters are mostly located in the bottom third of the canopy, perceiving its temperature might allow acquiring the cluster’s temperature, which brings useful information about the state of the cluster and the future quality it will have during harvesting.

Relevance to research/projects

  • FlexiGroBots


  • Review the current information of thermal imagery in vineyards
  • Fuse thermal imagery with 3D pointclouds
  • Extract useful information of the canopy and each part individually



  • UAV enthusiast
  • Willing work with 3D data
  • Excited to work with high-tech platforms

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring