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MSc thesis topic: Identification of locations at risk for introduction of Asian Tiger Mosquitos (Aedes albopictus) with ground traffic transport in the Netherlands

Over the last years, the occurrence of Aedes albopictus has globally strongly expanded, mainly as a result of by human activities, in particular the movement of used tyres and ‘lucky bamboo’. Together with passive import by public and private transport, these have resulted in a widespread global distribution of this species.

Aedes albopictus feeds on a wide range of hosts. It is also known to be a as a biting nuisance, which has the potential to become a serious health threat as a vector of zoonotic pathogens to humans. This mosquito species is a known vector of different viruses, which affecting human health.

The passive transport of IMS in ground vehicles represents a major driving force for dispersion in Europe. Systematic surveillance of service stations along different main motorways in Europe demonstrated introductions of Ae. albopictus into Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and recently in Belgium.

In this study, you’ll examine and categorize the locations at risk for introduction of Ae. albopictus with ground traffic transport in the Netherlands.


  • Review literature on ground traffic transport and spatial occurrence of Aedes albopictus in Europe.
  • Review and evaluation of the available traffic ground data in the Netherlands.
  • Spatial identification of main motorway service stations in the Netherlands.
  • Risk categorization of the main motorway service stations in the Netherlands for introduction of Ae. albopictus.
  • Create a spatial simulation probability model for possible introduction of Aedes albopictus.



  • Affinity with entomology
  • Affinity with collaboration with governmental (traffic) authorities
  • Able to perform a structured spatial analysis

Theme(s):Modelling & visualisation