Thesis subject

MSc thesis topic: The ESA-NASA Multi-Mission Algorithm Platform (MAAP) for Above-ground Biomass mapping and assessment

A Google Earth Engine-like platform for mapping and assessing AGB.

NASA and ESA have jointly collaborated to offer an online platform called Multi-Mission Algorithm Platform (MAAP) as a medium for mapping AGB using space data (Albinet et al., 2019). This is in line with the recent and upcoming satellites that are AGB-oriented. Aside from Jupyter notebook interfaces, MAAP users will have access to satellite data and airborne LiDAR data for AGB retrieval. The MAAP also integrates the use of Plot2Map tool (Araza et al., 2022) for map assessments. An AGB mapping and assessment demonstration in the MAAP would hence be interesting for MSc students.


  • Use the ESA-MAAP for AGB mapping
  • Implement the Plot2Map tool for AGB assessment in the MAAP


  • Welcome - ESA MAAP (
  • Albinet, C., Whitehurst, A. S., Jewell, L. A., Bugbee, K., Laur, H., Murphy, K. J., ... & Duncanson, L. (2019). A joint ESA-NASA multi-mission algorithm and analysis platform (MAAP) for biomass, NISAR, and GEDI.,(4), 1017-1027.
  • Araza, A., de Bruin, S., Herold, M., Quegan, S., Labriere, N., Rodriguez-Veiga, P., ... & Lucas, R. (2022). A comprehensive framework for assessing the accuracy and uncertainty of global above-ground biomass maps. Remote Sensing of Environment, 272, 112917.


  • Radar and LiDAR knowledge is advantageous

Theme(s): Modelling & visualisation