New - No WURries Student Support Group

Are you encountering obstacles in your study? Things that could be related to a functional impairment, whether temporary or chronic? Then read on; Student Training & Support is launching the No WURries Student Support Group. A platform for and by students who need extra support.

During monthly meetings, we will share experiences and exchange tips. Eventually, we hope to grow into a fully-fledged platform that also contributes to improving accessibility for students with a disability.

Following an idea of the student council, student counsellor Olav Wissink, psychologist Anneke Aikema and coach/project leader Heleen Franssen have carried out pilot sessions. Something for you? Mark your diary for the next session on Wednesday 5 April 2023.

Listening ear - helping hand

Living on your own for the first time, meeting lots of new people and discovering what you are passionate about. This is stressful and exiting for any student and takes a lot of energy. If you have a functional impairment, you are often faced with even more challenges. Attending lectures, giving presentations or taking exams; it is not always self-evident and you could do with some help.

We see that students with disabilities do not always know where to turn. It can also be confronting to talk about your impairment.

No WURries connects those students. We offer a safe environment where you can talk about what is on your mind, what you need and to support each other in a positive way. This helps you cope better with those extra challenges.

Do you need to have an 'official' diagnosis?

No, the group is open to everyone!

WUR already offers support to students with a functional impairment (officially: a chronic condition that can hinder your participation in education). No WURries also welcomes people who could use extra support due to other - temporary - circumstances.

By and for students

We, student dean Olav, psychologist Anneke and organiser/coach Heleen want to set up this support group(s) together with students. Your participation not only helps yourself and fellow students, but can, in the long run, also help the university to better tailor policy to the needs of all students. A win-win situation. So don't hesitate, come along and let your voice be heard.

Where and when

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 5 April from 17:30 to 19:30 in Groot Nergena - or on Campus, you will hear. Drinks & snacks will be at hand and we welcome your presence and input.

Newsletter Student Training & Support, March 2023