Plantje voor Morgen

Plantje voor Morgen (A Plant for Tomorrow) is one of the two finalists for the Impact Award of the AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant 2023.

Core business

Although it might be clear that implementing sustainable aspects such as renewable energy and a decrease of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by such institutions contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, it may not be clear yet why applying greenspace is especially important in prisons. Greenspace and the ability to collaboratively work with it increases both the mental and physical health of people in general, and can therefore be really supportive in providing a good living environment as a basis to work on recovery and rehabilitation. Therefore, we strive towards implementing greenspace within prisons and its outdoor spaces. Greenspace is proven to be able to cause significant changes in recidivism rate, looking at the Norway example of detention. This increases national security and contributes to the original aim of detention: reducing criminal activities.