Impact story

Preparing for emerging zoonoses

Pathogens in animals will continue to emerge and re-emerge, throughout the world. A significant part of these pathogens may jump to humans.

Rapid detection

About 70% of all known infectious diseases and "new" emerging infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic. To improve preparedness for emerging and re-emerging zoonoses Wageningen Bioveterinary Research developed techniques for rapid detection of new and emerging pathogens in animals. We continue to work on improving these techniques with a special focus on innovative molecular methods to identify and characterise these pathogens.

Risk assessment

In addition to optimized detection, a rapid risk assessment of potential microbiological hazards is necessary to adequately control new and emerging diseases. Therefore Wageningen Bioveterinary Research has developed a structured approach together with partners from the animal and public health domain. In this way new and emerging infectious diseases can be combated quickly and adequately, to safeguard the health of animals and humans.

The strength of our approach has been illustrated by the rapid response to the outbreak of Schmallenberg virus a few years ago.