Presentations symposium "Fibres in food and feed"

Presentations "Fibres in food and feed" October 31, 2013
Speaker Presentation download Video links
Prof. Frans Kok Introduction Link to video
Prof. Edith Feskens The obesity epidemic Link to video
Charon Zondervan Satiety & satisfaction Link to video
Monica Mars Oro-sensory signals for satiation effects of food properties Link to video
Prof. Knud Erik Bach Knudsen Physicochemical characterisation of dietary fibre Link to video
Prof. Eddy Decuypere The endocrine control of energy homeostasis in chickens Link to video
Prof. Ilias Kyriazakis Short and long term consequences of fibre on the regulation of food intake and live weight of animals Link to video
Anne Wanders & Carol Souza de Silva Dietary fibre properties and satiety: in vivo studies Link to video
Melliana Jonathan & Daniƫlle Haenen Dietary fibre degradation, microbiota composition and gene expression in the colon Link to video
Dave Mela Applying fibres for satiety in commercial foods Link to video
Carola van der Peet Importance and effectiveness of satiating dietary fibres in pigs Link to video