Restoring coral reefs in Kenya

Coral reefs are under pressure throughout the world due to climate change, overexploitation and other causes such as dynamite fishing.

The second longest barrier reef

The Marine Animal Ecology group is building and restoring coral reefs off the coast of Kenya together with the REEFolution foundation and local communities. After the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the coastal reefs of Kenya are part of the second longest barrier reef in the world, stretching along the East African coast from Somalia to northern Mozambique.

Cultivating coral and improving production

At various locations in the sea, different types of coral are cultivated by a team of scientists, students and local fishermen. In addition to optimizing the coral breeding process, they are also working on new ways to structurally improve coral reef productivity in developing countries.

For nature, fishing and tourism

This is how a revolutionary bridge is created between the fishermen on the one hand and nature conservationists and diving tourism on the other. The aim is not only to restore the reefs, but also to secure the most important income sources of coastal inhabitants in coral reef areas - fishing and tourism - in the longer term, in Kenya and elsewhere in the world.