Use case

Results Copro study

The prevalence of overweight and obesity is a growing concern. In the COPRO study, we aimed to investigate how individuals perceive and cognitively process foods typically found in the modern food environment. With this knowledge, we hope to better understand why we eat what we eat.


60 WUR students (Age 18-35 years; BMI 18.5 – 30 kg/m2) participated in the study. Each participant had to complete two test sessions: The first test session was in the lab, and involved computer-based tasks to measure attention and (spatial) memory for specific foods. The second test session took place in the field (i.e. Jumbo supermarket in Wageningen), and involved a novel food search task as well as grocery task.


As the study concluded late July, we are currently in the process of coding and analyzing the data that we collected. We hope to have preliminary results sometime in October, thus please refer to the contact person below should you require more information before then.