Seed Valley (Plus Partner)

Seed Valley is the area in the Netherlands with dozens of companies active in the fields of plant breeding, seed technology, and associated services. Here specialists develop the ‘green software’ that determines the colour of a flower, how a tomato tastes and whether lettuce is resistant to diseases. Numerous innovations are put into practice here in the creation of continually better seeds.

Why work in Seed Valley?

Worldwide, the changing climate leads to extreme weather conditions. In addition to that, the global population is growing rapidly. In 2050, 10 billion people will inhabit the world. In Seed Valley, we work on the development of varieties that are ready for the future: crops that continue to grow under extreme weather conditions or crops that are suitable for modern cultivation methods. These modern cultivation methods ensure that we can provide everyone with healthy food while saving space, energy, and water.


Believe it or not, but almost everyone can work in Seed Valley. In addition to researchers and plant scientists, companies are also looking for communication-, crop care-, logistics-, IT-, production- and administration employees. Every year Seed Valley companies look for 300 new colleagues who want to contribute to healthy food and a flowering world. Contact details for applications and questions from students:

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