SG - An Artistic Take on Outdoor Design

Workshop by Michael den Boer

We all know about green roofs, rainwater collection, biodiversity and local food production. Let’s gather all we know and get it out on paper – artistic style! Draw and paint either a top-down view or an artist impression (side view) of the Impulse courtyard. The goal is to get comfortable with visualising your ideas. There will be more advanced challenges available in this workshop as well.

21:00 to 22:00, 28 May - Impulse

Michael Den Boer

About Michael den Boer

After trying various things – like working in healthcare and goldsmithing, and some burnouts later, the most meaningful thing for Michael to do was to shift towards living as much off-grid and community-oriented as possible. In terms of inspiring housing, organic sustenance, compassionate socialising and funky hobby projects, he found gardening and construction from within the parameters of permaculture mindset to be “the most liberating thing to ever get invested in”. He started drawing from early youth, got into expressionism painting (Giacomo Balla) during high school, and was tutored in eco-garden design on a 4-year study Urban Green Development.

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