SG - Climate Justice & Protest Music

Workshop by Chihiro Geuzebroek

In this workshop we will look, through music, at how you can communicate concisely about the climate crisis being a colonial crisis with decolonial solutions. After a short introduction of the frame and an example of a song we will each transform a climate justice struggle news article to a chant.

19:45 to 20:45, 21 May - Impulse

About Chihiro Geuzebroek

Chihiro Geuzebroek

Chihiro Geuzebroek is a decolonial climate justice activist and singer-songwriter. She has been organising for Indigenous led climate politics since 2009 and directed the feature documentary Radical Friends (2013) in Bolivia. She participated in direct actions of Ende Gelande, Code Rood, Fossil Free Culture and has been a trainer for Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion as well as cultural institutions on climate racism, Indigenous environmental struggles, white supremacy, colonial ecology, and eco-fascism. She cofounded the decolonial foundation Aralez (2020) and is currently working on different decolonial and environmental art pieces for OEROL festival and Amsterdam Museum.

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