SG - Climate Poetry; A Creative Guide to Deal with Climate Anxiety

Workshop by Mirte van den Bos

Throughout the workshop "Climate poetry," you will learn how to deal with climate anxiety through creative writing. During this workshop, we will approach with relaxation and joy such a delicate and difficult topic. The workshop focuses on the process and power of writing, not the outcome. You will notice by using creative writing exercises that there is poetry in everybody, including you!

19:45 to 20:45, 21 May - Impulse

About Mirte van den Bos

Mirte van den Bos

Mirte van den Bos (she/her, 1997) is a climate artist and poet. She combines her fascination for nature and Science Fiction in (often interactive) multimedia works, writings and performances in which she seeks connection with the other through wonder. Her poems and artworks are an ode to nature, the earth and the galaxy. She is also a climate activist and believes that visual arts and poetry can play a major role in various forms of activism. Mirte explores and celebrates life through art.

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