SG - Embodied Narratives of Climate Anxiety

Workshop by Karolina Wargin

How can we develop a deeper awareness of climate anxiety? In this workshop, we will connect with our emotions, experiences, and imagery around climate change through accessible and simple body awareness practices. These embodied inputs are going to inspire us to create a collective visual artwork, capturing the diversity of individual narratives. This workshop is open to all, with no prior creative or embodied skills required.

21:00 to 22:00, 21 May - Impulse

About Karolina Wargin

Karolina Wargin

Karolina Wargin is a freelance Artist Educator (MA, MEd) and a certified Yoga teacher who aims to create accessible and creative spaces. Over the past five years, she has supported different groups of students, teachers and other professionals to connect with their bodies and minds through movement, mindfulness, and creative expression. Since 2022, Karolina has been employing her “Embodied-Creative Learning” method to bring a holistic approach to education in different Dutch universities and educational institutions (ArtEZ, Radboud, Windesheim, HvA, NoUniversity). Additionally, she collaborates with various art, cultural, and social organisations in the Netherlands.

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