SG - Untangling Uncertainty

Workshop by Eva van der Kooij

When making projections of the future we deal with many uncertainties. However, by untangling these various sources of uncertainty, we can leverage them to construct different future scenarios. In this workshop we will explore this methodology using the KNMI’23 climate scenarios as an example. We also explore how this method can be applied to different types of future projections and how you can use visualisations in communicating future uncertainties.

21:00 to 22:00, 28 May - Impulse

About Eva van der Kooij

Eva van der Kooij

Eva van der Kooij, 28, graduated from TU Delft in 2021, where she studied Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. Starting her career at KNMI as a data scientist, she later transitioned into a role as a climate services expert. Situated between climate scientists and users of climate data (e.g. policy makers), Eva’s work focusses on translating scientific findings into usable products and knowledge. The intersection of a personal interest in philosophy and her professional role led to the development of a workshop about navigating uncertainties when crafting future scenarios.

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