Shriya - MSc Food Technology - Product Developer JDE - January 2021

WUR Career Talks | Hi guys! I am Shriya and I graduated with a Master's degree in Food Technology in September 2020. Having graduated amidst the pandemic, frantically searching for a job when there was a mass hiring freeze was definitely challenging, to say the least. I can say now though that the wait was definitely worth it. As of January 2021, I started working at JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts) as a Product Developer. With an internship being a mandatory part of the MSc. Food Technology program, I started as a Global R&D Intern at JDE in March 2020 and this eventually opened the door to my first job. I exhausted all possible options when it came to job hunting (LinkedIn, Recruiters, Job portals, personal contacts). It was my ability to create an impression during my internship and the support of my internship supervisor in the company that paid off and resulted in me securing this position.

Contacting the Student Career Services was one among the many job search options I tried my hand at in 2020. My meetings with Astrid helped open me up to several unknown sectors/companies and contacts. Of course, the suggestions, tips and leads were helpful. However, it was the encouragement, support and ability to discuss progress with Astrid that helped me stay motivated and more importantly prevented any negative mental impact. This in my opinion was the MOST impactful aspect of my discussions with the student career services. I now try to help my friends with the contacts and leads provided by Astrid.

Having started very recently, I am still learning and absorbing the multiple facets of being a professional. The part I most enjoy is ironically the fact that I am starting from scratch and am building my career one step at a time. Working in the coffee and tea industry, a new side to this industry unravels everyday. It keeps me on my toes and I hope it continues to do so. Transitioning from a student and adapting to the ways of a professional in the industry is an obstacle I am slowly overcoming.

For everyone looking for a job at the moment, I would like to stress on the fact that there is DEFINITELY an opportunity that is coming your way soon. Keep up the motivation to hunt for jobs. LinkedIn and Recruiters are definitely a good option but please go out of your way to contact professionals from your dream company and create a network. Do not underestimate the potential of contacts or a good recommendation. Every fresh graduate is smart, enthusiastic, eager to learn and willing to contribute to the company and society. So most importantly, know your worth and present yourself with confidence! Good Luck