Thesis subject

Social network of disadopters of (health related) technologies in dairy farming in Indonesia

Are you interested in social network and technology uptake by farmers in Indonesia? We are looking for an enthusiastic student who is interested in the
broader social environment of farmers.

Infectious animal diseases can spread beyond the farm and can cause damage to farm production, other farming businesses, and the economy at large. The use of technology is important for disease control and animal health. Yet, the adoption rate of technology is low in Indonesia. Around 25-50% of adopters even stopped using the technology after adoption.

This study aims to investigate the social network of (dis-)adopters. Research activities will be jointly decided and may include a systematic literature review, and/or interviews with farmers and rural stakeholders in Indonesia.

This study is part of an interdisciplinary research project on Smart Agriculture in Indonesia, by INREF. There are possibilities to conduct (part of) the thesis
in Indonesia, but this will depend on the corona measures in the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Interested or want to know more? Please contact Ibnu Budiman (, Annemarie Wagemakers (, and Spencer Moore ( (add in the CC).

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Duration: 6 months
Start date: Summer / Fall 2022
Language: English