Thesis subject

The consequences and implications of digital communication for individuals and society

Digital media play a crucial part in our life. Using digital media, such as websites, social media and private messaging, we inform ourselves about important issues in society, such as climate change, COVID19, international affairs etc. This thesis topic focuses on both the positive and negative implications of digital communication for individuals and society.

Possible topicsinclude(butarenot limited to):

  • The extent to which the use of digital media leads to more or less knowledge about important societal and political problems;
  • The extent tow hich we are exposed to misinfomation online;
  • The extent to which organizations, politicians, journalists, and NGOs use digital media to reach citizens about societal issues;
  • The extent to which citizens avoid the news and with what consequences;
  • The extent to which citizens use social media to voice their opinion (e.g. protesting) about important issues.

Research methods to studies these topics include(online) experiments, (longitudinal) surveys, automated or manual content analysis, interviews and focus groups.

More information about this topic: prof. dr. Sanne Kruikemeier.