Thesis subject

Validating small printable robots for greenhouse sensing

Automation and robotics is a growing field in agricultural remote sensing practises. Although, there are some relevant researches in outdoors cultivations, there is still an important gap for indoor agricultural setups. Contributing for the modern agriculture designing it’s an added valuable point in any professional profile. Herein, you will have the opportunity to work in a novel and ambitious project addressing greenhouses monitoring via small printable robots.

Greenhouses play an important role in the growth and study of several crops. Currently, there is still many manual data acquisition in greenhouses, and mainly in crop nurseries.

This thesis aim to explore an alternative plant monitoring system using customizable and easy to fabricate vehicles that can track plant traits in real-time. This work will be achieved within the following steps: 1) Review of the state-of-the art of robotics in indoor agriculture; 2) Define system requisites and specifications; and 3) Design a multi-robot system testbed; and 4) Greenhouse experiments.


  • Juan Gonzalez-Gomez, Alberto Valero-Gomez, Andres Prieto-Moreno, Mohamed Abderrahim (2011), A New Open Source 3D-printable Mobile Robotic Platform for Education, Proc. of the 6th International Symposium on Autonomous Minirobots for Research and Edutainment, May, 23-25. Bielefeld. Germany
  • Leopoldo Armesto, Pedro Fuentes-Durá, and David Perry. 2016. Low-cost Printable Robots in Education. J. Intell. Robotics Syst. 81, 1 (January 2016), 5-24.

Requirements (optional)

  • Puzzle’s and LEGO’s enthusiast
  • Willing for learning novel software and hardware tools
  • Excited to work in robotics