Veni Vidi Foundi

This week's student Britta (student Nutrition & Health) takes us on a journey in rediscovering Wageningen and ourselves

After three cheat weekends full of beers, burgers and bitterballetjes (all vegan) it was time for something new. Something exciting. Time for geocaching! Geocaching was something I remembered from my youth, as my mom and my brother used to go out to geocach during summer holidays. On a sunny Saturday in spring me and my fellow geocacher decided to put on our hiking shoes and go outside, because adventure is out there! Motivated by the Proclaimers (I’m gonna be (500 miles)) geocach after geocach was discovered during our journey in Randwijk.

By now, you’ve probably started wondering what geocaching is. Geocaching is an any day, any time adventure that can take you to amazing and beautiful places. It might even take you to places in your own town that you’ve never seen before, as there are millions of geocaches worldwide. To start finding them you only need to take out your phone or GPS. Download the geocach app, create a free account and you’re ready to go. It works as follows: you pick a geocach you would like to find and navigate to its location. What you’re looking for at time of arrival varies. Geocaches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and difficulties. After finding the cache, you sign the log book, you can trade nick nacks if you want and you can log your find online. Before moving on to the next one, you put the geochach back were you found it and you’re ready to continue your adventure.  

Me and my fellow geocacher have been living in Wageningen for quite some time, so we decided to push our limits and spend and afternoon in Randwijk. As we arrived, Randwijk turned out to have a very nice predefined route including multiple geocaches which led us around some historical aspects of the area. During one of our little celebrations (after finding another cache) we ran into two guys that were also on a geocache adventure. They told us about a very lively geocache Facebook page at which you can exchange experiences, tips, tricks and funny stories about your geocache escapades. So, apparently geocaching is a big thing in the Netherlands!

Have you been living in Wageningen for a while and do you want to discover new, wonderful places in the area? Or are you new in Wageningen and do you want to get to know the city better? Join the community! Join geocache!


- Take some coffee and some snacks to have a small picknick break during your geocach adventure

- Keep your eyes and ears open, because finding some caches can be fairly difficult as some of them are hidden very well!

P.S. If you decide to try out the route around Randwijk and happen to run into a log, titled: Veni Vidi Gefundi you not only found a geocach, but you also found a log from me and my fellow cacher. 

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