World Food Game: Fruit for Everyone!

In the World Food Game: Fruit for Everyone!, students discover how food is distributed across the world's population. By engaging in discussions with each other, students learn about distribution issues, food availability, food waste, and related topics of their choice.

Global Food Challenge

This teaching tool was developed to provide insight into the global food challenge for high school students, but is also suitable for grades 5 and 6 of elementary school (grades 7 and 8 in the Dutch schoolsystem). Depending on the students' level, simple or more complex reflection questions can be asked to achieve in-depth knowledge in the subject area where this teaching tool is used.

The game can be played with all kinds of fruit (mandarins, apples, cherries, or oranges). This game works well with products that are easy to sort, stack, handle, and can still be safely consumed after the game. This practical group activity can be executed with any group size of approximately 24 students or more.


The World Food Game can also be taught as a workshop by a student from Wageningen University during a campus or school visit.

Wageningen Youth Institute

The World Food Game was adapted from the original idea of The World Food Prize Youth Education Team. The Youth Institute is part of this prestigious prize. Wageningen University & Research is honored to be the first city in Europe to bring this successful American student project to the Netherlands.

Through a competition, young people are challenged to think in an interdisciplinary, investigative, international, and creative way. Students can participate with their thesis or a project from the Food Valley Network."