WUR and support for Ukrainians

On Thursday 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Millions of people fled. Some of them are already in, or are coming to, the Netherlands. Wageningen University & Research wants to help where it is possible and in line with our objectives. On this page we have collected the most important information on WUR and Ukraine.

We follow the developments in Ukraine on a daily basis with shock and horror. The invasion by the Russian army has left behind unprecedented scars. We are concerned, particularly about the situation of academics and students in the areas facing violence and siege. Read more about how WUR supports those who are (in)directly affected by the Russian invasion.

Are you an academic refugee affected by the war in Ukraine? Please use this button to request support from the WUR community.

What does WUR do for Ukrainian students who (want to) study in Wageningen?

What does WUR do for current students from Ukraine and Russia?

The Student Service Centre is in close contact with our current (exchange) students from Ukraine and Russia. Where necessary, WUR will provide individual customization when it comes to (financial) support. If you have any questions about this, please contact ssc@wur.nl (Ingrid Hijman).

Is it possible for refugees from Ukraine to take courses at WUR?

Refugees from Ukraine with a relevant academic background who are interested in BSc or MSc education in the WUR domain and have sufficient knowledge of the English language can access BSc or MSc courses for free through the “WURth-while project”. They can register for a course by filling in the online registration form. For more information, please contact Suzanne van der Meer via the contact form on the website.

Can refugees who have followed courses in the “WURth-while project” also enter the BSc or MSc programme?

Refugees who now temporarily follow a course can eventually enter a regular BSc or MSc program later. This is reviewed per individual.

Does WUR arrange accommodation for refugees who are going to take courses?

No, WUR cannot arrange housing for refugees who are taking courses. However, there are limited resources available for travel money.

Can refugees who come here to follow courses borrow a laptop?

We will individually look at what is needed for refugees to come and follow courses here. For questions email ssc@wur.nl.

Can refugees from Ukraine also follow a regular BSc or MSc programme?

Refugees who would like to follow a regular BSc or MSc program can apply via the regular registration method: "How to apply for a bachelor's programme" and “How to apply for a master's programme?”

At present, no exceptions are made with regard to admission requirements for refugees from Ukraine compared to other students. The courses start in September. If a refugee wants to start attending lectures earlier, this can be done via the “WURth-while project”. For questions email ssc@wur.nl

Are grants made available by WUR for refugees from Ukraine?

Taking courses in “WURth-while project” is free. There are currently no specific scholarships available for refugees from Ukraine who want to complete a full education programme. WUR does have a limited number of scholarships available for students from conflict area (including Ukraine). We are still looking at whether special action should be taken by the Alumni Fund, as was done for students who ran into problems during the Corona crisis.

We are in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science about a national scholarship programme. We also submitted the question to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science whether it is possible for refugees from Ukraine to pay the low statutory tuition fees. Unfortunately, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF has no scholarships available because refugees from Ukraine are not seen as regular refugees.

Is it possible for (international) students from Ukraine to complete their studies here?

WUR is currently receiving many questions from (international) students from Ukraine who want to complete their studies here in the Netherlands. This concerns both students from Ukraine itself and international students who studied in Ukraine. We are in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science about this issue. Students can apply through admission “How to apply for a master's programme?” - WUR Students must be admissible. After that, it can be checked whether exemptions can be granted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a Wageningen diploma to students who have almost finished their studies.

Does WUR provide housing for students from Ukraine?

If a student from Ukraine comes to WUR for a BSc or MSc course, WUR will look into housing options together with Idealis.

Can WUR not make housing available for refugees?

At the moment it is investigated whether a WUR building that is currently used for student housing can be used for refugees. We are discussing this with the municipality of Wageningen.

Where can students from Ukraine go with questions about visas?

Students from Ukraine can contact ssc@wur.nl for questions about visas.

What does WUR do for Ukrainians who want to work at WUR?

On the initiative of chair groups or business units, a position may be created (temporarily) that can be filled by researchers/students/post-docs/technicians/guests from Ukraine or Russia. WUR is currently investigating how to bring offers and requests together. Employees with questions about this can go to the intranet for more information or contact their HR-advisor.

WUR registers open positions on Science for Ukraine and Academic Transfer.