Young people have the future

What’s your solution for achieving a circular society? This was the challenge posed at a youth event held in the run-up to Circular@WUR. Teams of students were asked to develop ‘Moonshot ideas’ that would be ambitious, radical and feasible.

One of the teams came up with an inventive solution that would use the shelf life of supermarket food as a special service. Because this idea was judged the best, the students were given the chance to present it at Circular@WUR. Read more about their idea for linking digital receipts to smart fridges and freezers (Dutch).

Young people need to be much more involved

The voice of the young people also came through Xavier Gabet, PhD student in Vienna. He took the floor during a debate on the first day of the congress and argued that young people should be much more involved in the discussion about the circular economy. On the final day he was given the opportunity to take the stage. “Some fellow students are afraid to give their opinions in this context or believe they don’t have as much right to speak up because they are only second-year,” said Gabet, who was able to clearly articulate his concern over our planet’s future. “I believe our voices should be heard.”


Katrien Termeer agreed with his words and expressed a hope that more young people would follow his example. “My appeal to them is to use your voices, join forces and step out of your comfort zone. It’s your future we’re talking about!”