YUFA and young alumni - Career Café - 17-21 May 2021

For the very first time, University Fund Wageningen (UFW), YUFA and Student Career Services (SCS) are jointly organizing a Career Café for students and young alumni. This is a unique opportunity to learn from Wageningen alumni who studied at WUR before you.

During the Career Café, you will meet Wageningen alumni who will tell you about their own career and give you tips on how you can prepare for the future. How did the alumni find their first job? What skills are most important in their daily work?

Even if you have already been working for a while, there is still a lot to learn from the alumni who are further along in their careers. For example, how can you grow from your first job into your next job? How do you start your own business? These are all questions that WUR alumni can help you with, based on their own experiences!

Each evening (time: 20.00 - 21.30) will be devoted to its own theme with matching speakers. You will have the opportunity to speak to two alumni per evening, in small groups with a maximum of 5 other students or young alumni.

The evenings are divided as follows:

Monday, May 17: Agriculture, plants and animals
Tuesday, May 18
: Environment, nature and living environment
Wednesday, May 19: Nutrition, health and society
Thursday, May 20: ICT, entrepreneurship and business services
Friday, May 21
: Research, education and government

You can register via this link. Note: the number of places per evening is limited!

After registration, you will receive more information about the alumni attending the evening of your choice and how you can prepare for the activity as soon as possible. You can also indicate your preference with which alumni you want to talk to.

We hope to see you during the Career Café!