Support research on ecological plant virology with the L. Bos Fund

The L. Bos Fund has financially supported the special endowed chair in Ecological Plant Virology. This chair has recently been adopted by Wageningen University & Research and is held by prof. dr. René van der Vlugt. Via the L. Bos Fund you can support research projects in keeping with the teaching and research remit.

The impact of your gift

Thanks to your gift the fund can support outstanding scientific research and education activities of the Chair of Ecological Plant Virology. Ecological knowledge of plant viruses in horticulture and agriculture can prevent yield losses. Farmers can not fight plant viruses with pesticides. Only preventive measures such as clean stock material and detection of diseased plants and seeds at an early stage can improve the situation. Knowledge of plant virology is therefore crucial for food security in developing countries.

Wageningen University is the birthplace of Virology having offered this discipline over the past 125 years. Many students, PhD students, (guest) staff and national and international visitors have contributed to the fame of the ‘Wageningen Virology’.

The teaching and research remit of the endowed chair Ecological Plant Virology

Prof. dr. René van der Vlugt
Prof. dr. René van der Vlugt

The teaching and research remit of the endowed chair Ecological Plant Virology is to expand the knowledge and education at Wageningen University & Research in the field of ecologically oriented plant virus research, with the aim of strengthening our national and international position in this field.

The chair group Virology created this professorship to study new facets of plant virology and offer more training opportunities in this interesting field. This will be done by initiating new research, expanding the curriculum, and creating new opportunities for BSc, MSc and PhD students to participate in research on plant viruses.


The L. Bos Fund Board of Trustees is comprised of:

dhr. Jelte Bos
Prof. dr. Just Vlak

prof. Francine Govers