The KLV-Fund focuses on the financial support of one-off activities and new initiatives that help alumni to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the WUR domains. In this way they can make a valued contribution to the development of expertise in education, research and policy-making to address important social issues. A characteristic of the initiatives is that they supplement the regular alumni policy of Wageningen University & Research. The KLV-Fund was established from the remaining assets of the former Wageningen alumni association KLV.


Activities that are eligible for support from the KLV-Fund must contribute to at least one of the following sub-goals:

  • Stimulating/facilitating social debate and dialogue within the domain of Wageningen University & Research.
  • Developing new forms of (access to) alumni networks.
  • Developing new forms for active dialogue and cooperation within or between the domains of Wageningen University & Research and the Study Circles and Networks.
  • Developing new forms of generic career support for alumni.

In addition, the activity or initiative must be a one-off or be in the start-up phase. The fund does not provide structural support for activities or programmes.

Board of Trustees

Applications are assessed by a curatorial panel consisting of members with knowledge and experience in the field of social dialogue, alumni activities and typical Wageningen themes. The Board of Trustees of the KLV-Fund consists of the following members:

Han Swinkels (voorzitter)
Paul den Besten
Gerrianne Jansen
Coen de Jong
Karin Schroën

Awarded in 2021

In 2021, two applications have been awarded by the KLV-Fund:

  • A podcast series. This is a new form of communication with alumni.
  • A one-time national conference in the Wageningen domain. This request has been partially granted.

History KLV

KLV Wageningen Alumni Network was the alumni association of WUR until 1 October 2020. The association was founded in 1886 to promote contact between former students and the Wageningen National Agricultural School and to exchange knowledge and skills about agricultural practice. Soon career support also became part of the association, through a placement and employment office. In 1908, part of the association split off to focus more on promoting the interests of academics, at the time only a part of the Wageningen graduates, in the Netherlands Institute of Agricultural Engineers (NILI). For a long time, NILI and the Dutch Society for Agriculture (NGvL), as the association was now known, existed side by side, but they did work together on and off. In 1995 they came together again in one association: the Royal Agricultural Association (Koninklijke Landbouwkundige Vereniging, KLV). In recent years, however, KLV had to contend with declining membership numbers and fewer visitors to events. After a careful review process, it was therefore decided in 2020 to dissolve the association. KLV's remaining assets have been placed in a fund to support alumni activities in addition to the regular programme.