Masterclass Feike Sijbesma

Join us for this College Tour-like Masterclass from renowned sustainable corporate leader Feike Sijbesma. Feike will talk with you about sustainability in organisations and corporations and discuss what comes first: being sustainable or making a profit? You are invited to share your opinion and ask all your questions during this inspirational evening in Impulse.

Drawings by Jeroen Steehouwer

Drawing Masterclass Feike Sijbesma
Drawing: funerals of ideas
Drawing about inequality: the first world wants to 'eat' four globes, the third world only has one, and wants to take one more. But the first world says: no, those are mine.
Drawing about leadership: the leader (in this case Feike Sijbesma) is dancing, and people say: 'he is crazy but I will follow him anyway'
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When: 25 January 2023 from 19:00 to 20:00 hrs, with drinks afterwards
Where: Impulse Building, Wageningen Campus
Who can attend: anyone who is interested, registration required.
Organizer: University Fund Wageningen
Moderator: dr Valentina Materia