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500 ABP pension holders needed to support WUR candidate Fedes van Rijn

Published on
December 9, 2021

Fedes is running as individual candidate to represent pension holders in ABP’s accountability body (ABP verantwoordingsorgaan). Your support is needed by 28 January. Our team fully supports Fedes and we encourage you to do the same.

Fedes van Rijn needs the support of at least 500 ABP pension holders for a candidacy which starts 22 June 2022. The nominations will close on 28 January.

We kindly ask you to sign this form and send it to This sign of support is needed for her to be considered a candidate.

Fedes says: "I want to make a positive contribution to solving today’s complex societal challenges - not only as a researcher at Wageningen UR but also as a mother, consumer and pension builder. Pension funds have an enormous influence and represent both a personal and a collective impact, which can have positive environmental and social effects. My candidacy in the ABP accountability body can help ensure that these positive impacts happen!”

With Fedes in the accountability body, we are sure that ABP’s board will be held better accountable for their investments in terms of their sustainability and deforestation effects. Please also forward this email to colleagues and other pension holders!   We are very excited about how effective our collective efforts have been so far and this has strengthened our belief in the impact we can have as scientists to make our world more sustainable and just beyond our research.   Feel free to contact us if you would like to join in or hear more about our work!

See also this blog for background information and our efforts towards achieving zero deforestation.